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We're trying to keep things business as usual in the alumni community, but some changes have been unavoidable. These FAQs have been created to let you know about these changes and to help answer any queries you might have.

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All the latest news and regular updates from your alumni community.

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Each month we publish five profiles that explore experiences, trace career paths and impart wisdom.

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Sharing things

Sharing Things podcast

It's about people, their stories and the University community.

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Find out about our clubs and networks around the world and information about?becoming an alumni ambassador.

class of 2020 help

Welcoming our newest graduates to the alumni community with essential information, resources and?links.

Details of the Being Edinburgh nomination process

The annual alumni award celebrating people who are making a difference in ways that aren't always visible, but whose actions positively affect others.

Honor Fell

Former students have been at the forefront of knowledge since 1583.

Alumni bookshelf

Recently published publications from your alumni community.

Centre for Sport and Exercise

Your gateway to a range of alumni benefits and services including gym membership and exclusive discounts.

Giving at the University of Edinburgh

Find out more about the impact of philanthropy at the University.

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The Insights programme offers our students the opportunity to connect with alumni and benefit from their knowledge and experience of job sectors and workplaces.

Edit magazine

The University's alumni magazine.?Each edition contains interviews with alumni, features about the University and insights into the impact and legacy of both.

The Edit website features a digital version of the printed magazine alongside exclusive monthly online supplements.

Friends magazine

The magazine for supporters of the University. Each edition shows the impact of past and future participation, commitment and philanthropy.

The Friends website features a digital version of the printed magazine alongside exclusive monthly online supplements.

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